49er Foundry Spotlight: Brian & Miller Anyogu

March 13, 2017 at 8:19 AM


Brian and Miller Anyogu, originally from Nigeria, graduated in December from UNC Charlotte where Brian studied Systems Engineering and Miller, Math for Business. The twin brothers are the co-founders of Quik Gigz, whose mission is to connect local people to get help with tasks such as cleaning, moving, tutoring and more. Their online platform is free of charge and a quick go-to for anyone wanting to make extra cash in the Charlotte area. Additionally, Quik Gigz is a part of the 49er Foundry, Ventureprise’s student incubator, as well as the Charlotte Venture Launch, Ventureprise’s customer discovery initiative. Brian and Miller recently took the time to answer some questions about their experiences as student entrepreneurs. 

How would you define innovation? And how does your company fit that description?
Innovation means coming up with new ways to solve a problem. Quik Gigz makes it easier for people (Students and Non-students) to get help with the tasks they need done.

In what ways did your participation in the 49er Foundry or the Charlotte Ventureprise Launch enhance your time at UNC Charlotte and develop your skills as an entrepreneur?
Brian: Ventureprise has helped us fine-tune the Quik Gigz business model. It has also given us insight in different areas we never thought of.
Miller: Our experience with Charlotte Venture Launch has been very positive. We've learned a lot about our business and the businesses of other team members. The customer interviews have been the most valuable aspect of the program because we better understand our business and our market. Our main takeaway from this program is learning that what your potential customers want is key. You have to target a specific group of people initially to increase your chance of success. 

What is the next step for your company?
Our next step is to gain traction by initially focusing on the Charlotte region and of course, UNC Charlotte. 

(Brian and Miller's participation in the Charlotte Venture Launch will also help them determine the next steps for Quik Gigz.)

What advice would you give fellow students who think they have ideas for a startup company?
Put those ideas into action. You never know what can come out of an idea!

What excites you the most and the least about what you do?
What excites us the most is coming up with different strategies for Quik Gigz and seeing people interested in the product and getting their feedback. Unexpected maintenance or defect issues on the website are the least exciting part.


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