5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Will Want to Attend the 2013 Entrepreneurship Summit

November 12, 2013 at 3:16 PM

If you are an entrepreneur, there are five reason's to attend the summit, November 19 – 20, 2013. They are...

1.    Keynote Speaker
18_Blog_Photo.jpgDoug Lebda, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer & Founder of LendingTree
Frustrated by getting his first mortgage, Doug Lebda saw a need to empower consumers in what is, for most, the largest financial transaction in their lives –- financing their home. He envisioned a process where lenders would compete for the borrower’s business in a fair and open marketplace. And through this process, lenders would be able to connect with exactly the right consumers to grow. With that vision, LendingTree.com was founded in 1996 and has revolutionized how consumers shop for loans and how lenders reach new customers, recently helping the 30 millionth borrower through the mortgage process.

2.    Fueling Your Business: Resource Fair
In this session an array of capital and technical assistance providers will give brief pitches about what they offer for various segments of the entrepreneurship spectrum in North Carolina. Then the audience members will have time to visit and speak one on one with representatives of the organizations best suited to serve their needs.

3.    What is Driving Social Impact Investing?
This session is geared toward both social entrepreneurs and angel investors interested in the latest trends and opportunities in social impact investing. The speakers will cover a range of related vehicles for impact investing including venture competitions, angel investing, corporate investment in social ventures, and venture philanthropy. They will also highlight specific organizations and programs that are active in North Carolina.


Charles Thomas, Queen City Forward, Charlotte (moderator)    


Mark Bruinooge, Tykoon & Seismic Partners, Charlotte    


Susan Daniel, Social Venture Partners, Charlotte    


Steve Monti, Solidarity Capital & Investors Circle NC, Raleigh    


John Warner, InnoVenture, Greenville

4.    The New Manufacturing Entrepreneur
This session offers a glimpse of modern manufacturing through the eyes of several entrepreneurs involved in this rapidly evolving industry. A few of the major changes they will discuss are the lower barriers to entry, technology and 3-D printing, crowd funding, and the authenticity consumers now demand in manufactured products. The speakers will offer their practical advice for anyone who is a product maker — about capital, marketing, human resources, technology, infrastructure and policy. Community leaders in the audience may see ways to modify their economic development focus.


Gart Davis, Spoonflower, Durham, (moderator)    


Mor Aframian, Redress Raleigh, Raleigh


Mariano deGuzman, Appalatch Clothing, Asheville    


Rick Levine, XOAB Socks, Hickory

5.    Switching Gears: Reinventing Your Company
Entrepreneurs need to be prepared to shift gears when the industry, environment or other circumstances change.  In this session, three entrepreneurs will describe and how they changed their companies over time to stay profitable and grow.  They’ll discuss what motivated the change(s), adjustments they made (products/services, market, revenue model, staffing), what happened during the transition period, the current status, and lessons learned.

  • George McAllister, SBTDC Charlotte (moderator)
  • Michelle Menard, Choice Translating, Charlotte
  • Tom Robinson, ERD Ltd, Kernersville
  • Todd Zagaroli, Revive Furniture, Hickory

     18_Blog_Photo_10.jpg                   18_Blog_Photo_11.jpg                18_Blog_Photo_12.jpg
   Michelle Menard                   Tom Robinson                  Todd Zagaroli
 Choice Translating                      ERD Ltd.                    Revive Furniture
   Charlotte, NC                      Kernersville, NC                 Hickory, NC

… and much much more to experience.  Check out the full agenda at http://www.ncentresummit.org/agenda.php

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