Charlotte Inc. 5000 Companies Employ 23,000

October 08, 2013 at 7:24 AM

Previous blog postings have focused on the number of Charlotte area Inc.500 and Inc. 5000 companies and what we can learn about our region’s performance. This final review of the 2013 ranking focuses on the types of fast-growing companies that start here in Charlotte USA.

The 54 companies in Charlotte USA that made the 2013 top 5000 list employ 23,121 people and generate $6.4 billion revenue. Over half of the companies employ 10 to 99 people; two employ less than 10; six employ more than 500.

Inc. categorizes each company into one of 25 industry sectors. Comparing the mix of Charlotte USA’s 54 companies to the national mix highlights how our mix of fast-growing companies compares to the U.S. average. Since the following table is based on one year, it is only a snapshot and should not be viewed as strategically definitive.

Charlotte USA % of total compared to national % of total (2013 Inc. 5000)

Many more (2X)

Human Resources


More (1.3-1.9X)


Financial Services

Travel & Hospitality


Food & Beverage

Business Products & Services




Logistics & Transportation

IT Services


Fewer (.5-.7X)

Consumer Products & Services

Much fewer (<.5X)

Advertising & Marketing


There is a final group of industry sectors that account for over 1000 of the fastest growing 5000 companies in the U.S. These sectors do not include a single Charlotte USA company in 2013.

Computer Hardware




Environmental Services

Government Services


Real Estate




Despite our energy cluster, Charlotte did not have a single energy business in the top 5000 (which included 109 energy firms nationally). In fact, Charlotte has not had an energy company on the 5000 list since Inc. began publishing it in 2007.  Why is that?

Congratulations to this year’s Inc. 5000 winners and to the 151 Charlotte USA companies that have been on the list since it was first published in 2007!

Paul Wetenhall, Ventureprise president

Paul Wetenhall has served as president of Ventureprise, Inc. since returning to the Carolinas in 2008. He has been involved in every aspect of entrepreneurship and innovation since leaving a corporate career in the 1980s to co-found a software venture that commercialized technology from Xerox PARC. His perspective includes experiences as CEO, corporate director (public, private, and non-profit), entrepreneur coach, university lecturer, and leader of efforts to build regional entrepreneurial ecosystems.

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