In Search of First Customers, The Worthy and Unworthy

June 11, 2013 at 8:41 AM

You might have it down to the last detail – the business plan, the financing, the marketing – but without customers, you don’t have a business. So the question remains, what is the difference between a great customer and a not so great customer, or what I like to call the worthy and unworthy customer?

Worthy customers will drive sales and take you past your expectations, while an unworthy customer may stall your business growth altogether, keeping you busy with busy work. Time is money, and you have to have some money to make money; however, you must select the right first customers to help your business prosper.

In Search of (Just Any) First Customers

  • The problem is that you will probably find them.
  • The problem with finding them is they will make you busy in your business.
  • The problem with being busy is that you may confuse this with productivity.
  • The problem with being confused is there is no focus on your business.
  • The problem with lack of focus is that nothing that matters gets done.
  • The problem when nothing important getting done is that you prioritize by urgency.
  • The problem with responding to urgency is there is no creativity or innovation.
  • The problem with no creativity is there is no change.
  • The problem with no change is that nothing gets better.
  • The problem with not getting better is that we stay mediocre.
  • The problem with mediocre is that we measure by good enough.
  • The problem with good enough is you fall short of the purpose for the business and fail to fulfill your mission. 

In Search of (Worthy) First Customers

  • The problem is that it takes a while to find them.
  • The opportunity with taking longer is you learn more about who is not a worthy first customer.
  • The opportunity with learning more is that you begin to focus on who you are best for.
  • The opportunity with focus on who you are best for is that you will find even more worthy customers.
  • The opportunity with finding more worthy customers is that you will get more deal flow. 
  • The opportunity with more deal flow is that you will increase sales.
  • The opportunity with increasing sales is that your cash flow increases.
  • The opportunity with an increase in cash flow is you will re-invest in the business.
  • The opportunity with re-investment is you will have to hire more talent.
  • The opportunity with bringing on more talent is that creativity and innovative ideas accelerate.
  • The opportunity with acceleration of new ideas is scaling the business.
  • The opportunity with scaling your business is you have to hire even more people to handle the growth.  
  • The opportunity with growth is that you are most likely fulfilling your mission.

 - Marilyn, Director Venture Development 

About Marilyn

Marilyn Carpenter comes to Ventureprise with over twenty years of proven performance in business development, sales, and marketing for entrepreneurial organizations. Most notably, Marilyn was employed as the Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Source Technologies, Inc., managing a $65 million business unit with a team of twenty marketing and sales professionals.

In 2006, Marilyn achieved the Associate Certified Coaching certification from the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She created a coaching and content program – Sales Entrepreneur Institute - to engage entrepreneurial sales and marketing teams with go-to-market strategy shifts required for success through 

social media, personal branding, social networking and community building.

Most recently, Marilyn worked as the Director of Business Development for UNC Charlotte College of Computing and Informatics, to successfully launch the new NSF I/UCRC research site for Safety, Security, and Rescue.

Marilyn is also a published author and a speaker, with a focus on training and development.

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