Prelude to PORTAL... Innovate + Interact + Ignite for Business Success

January 07, 2014 at 8:00 AM

This is the first of a “Prelude to PORTAL” 4-Part Series.

Most entrepreneurs know luck is created through hard work and seeking out others with expertise they lack. PORTAL-interior.jpg

Ventureprise’s move to PORTAL building on the UNC Charlotte campus in early February 2014 marks the opening of our region’s only innovation initiative that brings entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, and students and faculty together under one roof to offer high-growth entrepreneurs greater possibilities for that chance encounter that so often ignites opportunity. 

Our clients and our future clients are entrepreneurial businesses that are a select group of innovation-driven, high potential ventures that:

  • Value the benefits of close interactions with fellow business professionals, including like-minded entrepreneurs, corporate innovators and university researchers, students and faculty talent 
  • Have a business that is scalable in national or global markets, with high job creation potential
  • Focus on a foundation of innovation and research for the success of their business
  • Are likely companies that desire to leverage university expertise 

With the help of Ventureprise, entrepreneurial companies have the resources they need to accomplish rapid business growth through a supportive, innovative ecosystem made up of experienced entrepreneurial leaders and staff, academia and corporate innovators. 

No other organization in the region offers entrepreneurs access to as many innovation, R&D resources, or more targeted Lean Startup and Customer Discovery initiatives. 

Our second posting in the “Prelude to PORTAL” will focus on the unique Innovation environment at PORTAL, created to leverage the Innovation imperative that resides with high growth potential entrepreneurs, corporate innovation teams, and academia. 

Please connect with me at if you have interest to locate in PORTAL as a Ventureprise client to Innovate, Interact, and Ignite your business growth. Check back next week for the second of four posts on "Prelude to PORTAL" and leave me your comments below.

- Marilyn Carpenter, director of venture development

About Marilyn: Marilyn Carpenter serves as Ventureprise’s director of venture development.  With over twenty years of working with and for entrepreneurs in pivotal sales, marketing and business development roles, Marilyn assists clients to accelerate their growth through coaching effective go-to-market and customer acquisition strategies. 

Marilyn is also a published author, blogger and a speaker.  Her topics on Ventureprise Vibe are focused on provocative innovation-driven entrepreneurs and enterprises, Lean Startup methods, and storytelling about clients and people up to big things in the entrepreneurial space.

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