Regional Entrepreneurial Leader Embraces Google Fiber for Charlotte

March 05, 2014 at 9:13 AM

The twitter-sphere has been popping Monday with the Charlotte Observer op-ed written by Terry Cox, founder of Big Council. 

By Terry Thorson Cox
Special to the Observer

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Titled “Why Charlotte should enthusiastically embrace Google Fiber,” Cox initiates the case for Charlotte and Google Fiber in two key ways: 1). Google announced that it is considering bringing its Google Fiber high speed network to only nine cities across the country, including Charlotte, which spells big opportunity for our region;  2). There is evidence following Google’s initial test market in Kansas City, which began implementing in 2012, that Kansas saw rise to a local tech boom giving way to a growing hub of innovation and entrepreneurship as a result (due in large part)  of the new broadband infrastructure. 

The op-ed article link is above for full reading. 

It’s too soon to call this one, as the action is just beginning on what we can safely refer to as a long ball.  But, one thing lurking behind this op-ed written by one of Charlotte’s favorite entrepreneurial supporters is the promise of a ground-swell effort for the entrepreneurial community to get behind and make a ruckus. 

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