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March 10, 2014 at 4:35 PM

Using Technology to Build Thriving (Human) Connections

Look around – we are living in a world fueled by technology. Our human interactions are often interrupted by the pops, dings, and bings of our mobile devices. Most would equate leaving the house without their cell phone to living through the day without a vital organ. “Unplugged” weekends are a wonder to be bragged about with a supreme sense of achievement.

But I’m not complaining.

Human Connections
While there are pitfalls, overshares, and downright annoying tendencies attached to this bright, blinking digital world we’re busy creating, I would venture there is even more to be gained. At no other period in human existence (that I’m aware of) have we ever been so connected. I know more about the guy I spoke 5 words to across 4 years in college because of technology. I can ask for an introduction to the decision maker of our company’s next major partnership. I work smarter, faster, accomplishing more than I ever dreamed while communicating seamlessly with anyone, anywhere. At the core of the point I am trying to make here is this: because of machines, we are engaging in more meaningful human interactions.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship
The same can be said for the entrepreneurial heartbeat of our region. We innovators and game-changers crave similar energy levels to write new stories and gain new insights. While we could work easily anywhere, we choose to exist in a space where collaboration is the focus. This is why C5 Insight calls PORTAL home and Ventureprise a trusted partner. Having instant access to state of the art technology will have a profound impact on our business. We exist to help other organizations work together better, and this space aligns directly with that mission. From the video and telecommunications features to the strategic and analytical resources, PORTAL is the perfect space to meet with partners, prospects, clients, and colleagues.

Connectedness:  Entrepreneurs, Academic Leaders and Corporate Innovators
These connections – both the ones we have and those we hope to make - are so important to us. While the building is fancy and new, the motivation to surround our business with developing talent and elite corporate partners remains unchanged. PORTAL and Ventureprise play a crucial incubation role for entrepreneurs. At C5 Insight, we have gleaned top talent from the University through our internship program. We are confident many of these team members will play a lasting role in the ongoing success of our organization. But we are not done growing and learning ourselves, and we are lucky that soon all we’ll need to do is look up - literally – to our incoming neighbors on the 4th floor. As PORTAL has done a fantastic job attracting entrepreneurs to begin their business practice, more established corporations will soon also call the building home, adding to the mix and layers of innovation and excellence.

We are deepening our commitment to enterprise collaboration and thriving on the connections we continue to build. Because of technology, we are developing powerful ways to make business more personal.


About C5 Insight
C5 Insight is a team of strategists and consultants that help organization work together better. By utilizing a number of proven practices and solutions, we challenge how people work together both inside and outside of their business. The resulting impact is continuous improvement of organizational value, more engaged clients and prospects, and workplace satisfaction.

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