UNC Charlotte Tech Commercialization National Leader

April 26, 2017 at 11:44 AM

UNC Charlotte is among the top 50 American universities in the Milken Institute’s Concept to Commercialization report published in April 2017 identifying the 225 best American universities for technology transfer.

The report ranked universities considering patents, licenses, and startup businesses. The ranking considers total outcomes and productivity, measured as outcome per R&D dollars expenditure. The top-ranked institution is the University of Utah, which is joined in the top ten by notable research institutions such as Stanford University and MIT.

Among universities in the Carolinas, North Carolina State University is the leader ranked nationally as #26. Duke University, UNC Charlotte, and UNC Chapel Hill are all in the top fifty institutions.

UNC Charlotte’s performance is notable because it has the smallest research expenditures of any of the fifty top performing institutions.

The Milken Institute ranking methodology equally weights the total outcomes with the outcomes per dollar of R&D expenditures. Nearly all of the top fifty institutions exceed $200 million in R&D with several reporting in excess of $1 billion (FY2015 data from NSF HERD).

UNC Charlotte is one of three universities in the top fifty reporting less than $50 million in R&D expenditures. UNC Charlotte demonstrates tech commercialization productivity (patents, licenses, and startups from its R&D expenditures) at the very highest levels of American universities.

In addition to the recognition associated with its high ranking in the Milken Institute 2016 index, UNC Charlotte is notable for its 2015 designation as a National Science Foundation I-Corps Site. This initiative focuses on increasing commercial outcomes from university research and invention. UNC Charlotte is the only university in the Carolinas selected to-date for this program and the associated National Innovation Network.

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