Why Are Our Clients Talking Up Ventureprise at PORTAL?

May 28, 2014 at 1:57 PM

It’s About the Small Things …

In the early world of a growth venture, there are countless small things to be done by too few people that potentially will return big rewards later.  Many of these small things that really need to get done cost money.  Money that the founder doesn’t have even to meet the current expenses of the business much less add to the list of expenses. 

Locating your office home in a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, some with experience that you need to tap, and with access to ready business advisors, mentors and connectors is what our clients experience to keep them talking up Ventureprise at PORTAL. 

One of our clients set up a conference call with a Fortune 50 business line executive to discuss entering into a proof of concept agreement for our client’s product.  This Tech-founder had never engaged in a strategic business discussion of this magnitude and he was able to tap experienced sales, marketing and operation’s people to help guide the call and get to a successful outcome, for no fee.

Another client, whose business is on-line, anticipates that in a year or two they will have stored up so much disparate customer data as their client-base grows, they need to prepare now for how to leverage this data in their future business strategy.  Strategic advice and expertise for data analytics does not come cheap, even for a small venture.  Our client will be able to tap another entrepreneur in our community to advise him, ‘because he can and that’s what we do here for each other’. 

And yet another client has been able to find and hire the exact talent, three positions, she sought from UNC Charlotte. 

There is an abundance of small-thing-type- service sought and found here at PORTAL.  Being in an environment of like-minded entrepreneurs who are paying attention to the community we are building and how they become a stakeholder in that community adds exponentially to the overall ability to accelerate your business growth. 


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