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February 3, 2017
Ventureprise Announces 2018 Charlotte Venture Challenge for May 1st

Keynote speaker Thom Ruhe, NC IDEA FOUNDATION President & CEO, will share his insight on NC IDEA's strategic funding direction and the state of North Carolina entrepreneurship.  The May 1st program will introduce a "new, interactive formate that focuses on prom…


49er Foundry Student Incubator

49 Foundry!


Research that is commercialized yields products and services that change the world.


What is the 49er Foundry Student Incubator?

The Foundry helps students launch and grow innovative business and social ventures.  The program provides business advisory services, connections, and an entrepreneurial learning community that supports the launch of successful student-founded ventures.

 49er Foundry Entrepreneur Education

The mission of the Foundry is to educate students through learning by doing entrepreneurial programming. The Foundry provides students with an intensive hands-on program designed to educate and launch scalable ventures.

 Accelerating Scalable Student Ventures

49er Foundry provides shared office space including work area, private meeting space, conference room access, mailing address, wireless internet, copier, and fax. The program is open to Junior, Senior and Graduate Students in good standing as well as UNC Charlotte graduates within 12 months of their graduation date.

Participation in the program begins with the submission of an application followed by a face-to-face interview. If selected into the program student are provided free space during the launch phase of the business followed by below market rent once a business model has been found for the first 18 months. 

Eligibility Requirements

  • Preference, but not automatic acceptance, is given to companies founded by students in the Entrepreneurship Certificate Program or that have competed in the Charlotte Venture Challenge business plan competition
  • The ideal venture is innovation-based, scalable, and a good fit for the founding team's technical, creative, and business skills.
  • At least one founder and/or majority owner of each company must be a student in good standing actively pursuing a degree.

Acceptance Criteria

  • Founder(s) must have a commitment to exploring or pursuing an entrepreneurial career path, a viable business plan/concept, and willingness to add to the education experience of others in the Incubator
  • Be coachable and willing to share all company information with staff and mentors

Admissions Process

  • Submit online application and participate in face-to-face interview.
  • Decision will be communicated within 2 weeks.
  • Each company signs a license agreement (lease) while occupying space in the Student Incubator


  • Free for first 9 months, months 10-18 ($100/mo)
  • Maximum time in the Student Incubator is 18 months; eligible companies may transition to commercial incubator status at that time
  • Students may attempt to commercialize an additional idea while participating in student incubator, subject to staff approval.


  • You must have 1) passion for a product, service, or business idea, 2) skills and ability to turn that passion into a real, working business--with help and support, 3) desire to learn while doing, and 4) belief and conviction that YOU are the one to create and take this business to market.
  • Complete the Opportunity Assessment within 60 days
  • Participate in a 60-day formal review process to review the Opportunity Assessment and define the 6-9 month launch deliverable (Beta customers, working model / prototype, etc.)
  • Be willing to meet at least monthly with staff and/or volunteers. At the end of the 6 months (and at end of each 6 month period), will assess team progress, milestones, participation, and confirm continuation or exit.
  • Actively engage (at least monthly) in the Ventureprise experience through evaluation in business development, workshop participation, involvement in programs, positive meetings with staff discussing feasibility, planning, marketing, financial modeling, and addressing skill deficiencies.
  • Follow all University policies and comply with local, state, and federal laws 
  • The company and all affiliated team members must positively reflect on and adhere to the standards of the University


For More Information Contact:

Devin Collins (Director 49er Foundry)
Phone: 704-250-5753


49er Foundry
Portal Building, Suite 202A
9312 Robert D. Snyder Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28223

Follow Us:
Twitter: @49erfoundry

Click HERE to download a Student Incubator Application
** Please be sure to download the file and fill out the electronic form.