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February 3, 2017
Ventureprise Announces 2018 Charlotte Venture Challenge for May 1st

Keynote speaker Thom Ruhe, NC IDEA FOUNDATION President & CEO, will share his insight on NC IDEA's strategic funding direction and the state of North Carolina entrepreneurship.  The May 1st program will introduce a "new, interactive formate that focuses on prom…


Tech Commercialization

Technology commercialization is about transforming ideas and inventions into commercial products and services. Commercialization requires several important steps including protection of intellectual property, valuation, research and opportunity assessment, patenting and licensing, in addition to all of the normal business start up activities.

Technologists and scientists may not understand the market, customers and the business models needed for successful commercialization. Ventureprise offers guidance through the Charlotte Venture Challenge and through its incubation programs. The most intensive tech commercialization guidance is available through Charlotte Venture Launch, a structured approach to customer discovery.

As UNC Charlotte’s entrepreneurial gateway, Ventureprise is the portal to all technology commercialization services the University system has to offer.