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February 3, 2017
Ventureprise Announces 2018 Charlotte Venture Challenge for May 1st

Keynote speaker Thom Ruhe, NC IDEA FOUNDATION President & CEO, will share his insight on NC IDEA's strategic funding direction and the state of North Carolina entrepreneurship.  The May 1st program will introduce a "new, interactive formate that focuses on prom…


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Ventureprise Client-Tenants



Atom Engineering, PLLC                      Atom_Engineering_logo-website.jpg              
  Atom Engineering is an electrical and mechanical engineering firm for commercial and industrial buildings.  



C5 Insight                            C5insight_logosmaller.jpg                    
Founded in 2002, C5 Insight is a team of business consultants and solution experts that empower people to work together better, inside and outside of their organizations. By utilizing a number of proven frameworks and seamlessly integrating technologies, such as Microsoft SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, and into everyday practice, they facilitate more productive business relationships.  Their clients experience elevated employee efficiency, increased customer loyalty, improved sales win rates, and higher workplace satisfaction.


Countervail                      Countervail_logo-website.jpg                                        
Countervail is engaged in the development and commercialization of antidotes to military nerve agents and pesticides.                                                                                      


Crump Engineering Works                                      Crump_logo-website_size.jpg                                            
Crump Engine is advancing the professional field of forensic engineering with innovation and emerging technologies.  Crump Engineering Works will continue to earn the trust of each client with honesty, integrity, accuracy, clarity and efficient work.   


Ecomdash                    ecomdash_logo-website.jpg                        
Ecomdash automates omnichannel sellers’ inventory, sales orders, product listings and shipping processes across marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Etsy as well as ecommerce-ready website platforms like Bigcommerce, Shopify and Magento. Ecomdash gives online retailers the ability to save time, grow sales with an expanded online presence, and increase customer satisfaction.


Informative Technologies                                                                                                                                            Informative_Tech_logo-website.jpg
Informative Technologies is in the business of Empowerment Through Knowledge™. Our solutions combine Cloud Computing, Open Standards, and Data Science to put an end to Information Overload and the Digital Divide.


International ThermoDyne          ITD_Logo_White_Bkgrd_2-smaller.jpg                                  
International ThermoDyne Pheltex harvests the heat and motion which occur naturally in our environment and converts that energy into usable electrical energy.

What makes PhelTex truly unique is that it captures both heat and motion energy in the same flexible, thin, cloth-like material.  These unique properties open up a huge variety of applications otherwise not possible


Sinewatts                                SineWatts_logo-website.jpg                         
Sinewatts is developing a power plant transforming PV inverter architecture that is 10X smaller and produces a 70% lower installed cost.  The SineWatts Inverter Molecule™ is the size of an iPhone and the single silicon IC based distributed inverter will come co-packaged with every PV panel in an installation.  The patent pending architecture allows the molecules to employ advanced silicon power switching technologies developed for mobile applications to be utilized for grid-supportive, highly reliable and dispatchable PV power plants.  This is a paradigm shift for PV power plants.


Spatial Decision Systems                                     Logo_SDS-website.jpg
Spatial Decision Systems provides technology tools for public and private organizations to better understand market and industry forces, competitive dynamics, and changes to the physical and economic environments in order to make challenging investment decisions.


VedamSoft is a product based IT company that provides solutions for IT companies and develops IT products.  They are currently working on the product called Bi-Radar which is a business intelligence analytical tool for Hadoop.  This allows users to interact with and generate queries on huge datasets stored in Hadoop.


Video Collaboratory                                                                                                                                         Video_Collab_logo-website.jpg                                                       
Video Collaboratory LLC is a rapidly growing startup that produces software products disrupting the field of video centered collaboration.  Their flagship product is a software platform for the Ed-Tech sector with complementary applications for corporate and other professinal training / evaluation.


Virtual StrongBox                                                                                                                Virtual_StrongBox_logo-smaller_for_web.jpeg                       Virtual StrongBox is an end-to-end secure customer engagement platform that provides high-risk Enterprise IT, the data security needed to enable simple, safe, and seamless interaction with their customers and supports a shift to the consumerization of IT.  The company's patented data security solution protects data both in motion and at rest and enables secure & compliant cloud based customer engagement.  Virtual StrongBox's open API strategy provides a platform that can be integrated into various workflow processes involving the consumer via our private cloud and/or the Enterprise's private cloud.


Vivid Data Group                           Vivid_data_logo-use_this-latest.jpg                           Innovating in-plant label printing for US manufacturing and distribution.  Variable Data and Color Working Together.


Wellnecity    Wellnecity_logo-smaller.jpg                                                                      Wellnecity is working to reduce health benefit costs, and simplify the effort required by employees to track and manage their health and wellness. We implement a four-part approach, as follows:

1) OWN YOUR DATA – we help employers capture, and understand the claims data for their employee base. Usually companies only have access to aggregate reports, or data, which substantially limits their ability to identify, and deploy cost saving strategies

2) BUILD A PLAN INDEPENDENT OF CARRIER CONTROL – many specialized players exist, which are offering financial savings to companies for unbundled plan services; when the carrier deploys a single integrated suite, the company cannot capture these savings

3) ENGAGE EMPLOYEES – disease management relies heavily on a good connection to your workforce; beyond disease management, corporations are turning the dial on wellness more broadly. Both efforts combine to deliver dramatic savings if done well! This usually means an increase in intensity, not a decrease in services

4) ZERO COST, INTEGRATED SUITE – we have pre-integrated benefit administration, employee engagement, teledoc, disease management, wellness coaching, and a longer list of services on a rationalized set of technology solutions to deliver a more turn-key experience for both employers, and their employees 


YobiFund                                                                 Yobifund_logo--smaller.jpg
YOBI FUND is an online marketplace for buying and selling securities in private placements, real estate, and P2P lending transactions.

Their ubiquitous service offering allow investors to build and manage their full private equity investment portfolio on a single platform.


Yuno, Inc.Yuno_Logo_v3_5_CO-02.jpg
Yuno is a social commerce company that rewards people for influencing sales with word of mouth marketing.