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February 3, 2017
Ventureprise Announces 2018 Charlotte Venture Challenge for May 1st

Keynote speaker Thom Ruhe, NC IDEA FOUNDATION President & CEO, will share his insight on NC IDEA's strategic funding direction and the state of North Carolina entrepreneurship.  The May 1st program will introduce a "new, interactive formate that focuses on prom…



Ventureprise volunteers are generally individuals with sophisticated expertise relevant to innovation and entrepreneurship. There are multiple volunteer opportunities. If any of the following interest you, please contact Paul Wetenhall by email or phone 704 687-8057.


Experienced business people in Charlotte have provided valuable guidance for young companies through the Ventureprise and PORTAL mentor program. Many of the same mentors work with Charlotte Venture Challenge companies. Mentors included veteran businesspeople as well as investor and advisors such as attorneys and accountants. Mentors offer valuable insight through their general business experience, their industry expertise and connections, and their functional (marketing, finance, manufacturing, etc.) knowledge. Effective mentors can adapt insights from their personal experience to the particular needs of the entrepreneur receiving the mentoring. Mentors are direct and honest while recognizing that they are coaching, not directing, the entrepreneur.

Mentor Council

The Ventureprise Mentor Council includes active mentors, entrepreneurs, and investors. It connects those individuals to strengthen the region’s entrepreneurial support network. It provides “voice of customer” guidance to the Ventureprise staff and board of directors.


Ventureprise offers seminars and workshops that include volunteer speakers and panelists. These volunteers understand high growth entrepreneurial companies and have deep expertise in a topic relevant to entrepreneurship and innovation. Experienced entrepreneurs are of special interest.


The Ventureprise blog encourages participation from people who contribute insight that can strengthen Charlotte’s innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem or that can improve innovation and entrepreneurship practice.


The Ventureprise Board of Directors Governance Committee is responsible for developing a strong and effective governance model. The Board of Directors is designed to include key expertise and stakeholder perspectives. Directors serve three-year terms and new directors are elected annually in the fall. You are invited to recommend experienced, connected individuals for consideration.

Special Events

Ventureprise organizes special events such as the Charlotte Venture Challenge that can benefit from the assistance of volunteers from all types of backgrounds. If you are interested in helping build the region’s entrepreneurial community, let us know and we will match your interest and capabilities with our needs.