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February 3, 2017
Ventureprise Announces 2018 Charlotte Venture Challenge for May 1st

Keynote speaker Thom Ruhe, NC IDEA FOUNDATION President & CEO, will share his insight on NC IDEA's strategic funding direction and the state of North Carolina entrepreneurship.  The May 1st program will introduce a "new, interactive formate that focuses on prom…


What Does Ventureprise Mean?

Ventureprise:ven•ture•prise [ven-cher-prahyz], noun

(1) A business opportunity, especially one that is important or disruptive or that requires boldness, energy or an adventurous spirit

(2) An ecosystem that supports entrepreneurial development, resulting in financial and intellectual growth of an economic region

Who We Are

Ventureprise Mission

To ignite an entrepreneurial boom in the Charlotte region by: identifying the most promising innovation-driven talent and ideas; provide entrepreneurial education and business advisory services; make valuable connections, help launch growth ventures; accelerate business growth.


Ventureprise Focus – Entrepreneur and Business Growth

Ventureprise offers comprehensive services for entrepreneurs:

  • Ready-for-business office space
  • Business model development
  • Business growth assistance
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Education programs relevant to IDE’s
  • Connections to business and university resources

One of the Nation’s First Business Incubators, Ventureprise Expands to Become So Much More

Ventureprise, Inc. is a venture development organization that evolved from the knowledge and experience gained over 25 years of operating as the Ben Craig Center (BCC) business incubator.  BCC ultimately served 130 resident businesses and thousands of program participants. 


Today, it is the region’s only non-profit innovation initiative enabling the formation and early stage growth of high potential business ventures. 

 With long-term support from UNC Charlotte including location in the new PORTAL Building, Ventureprise is where entrepreneurs locate to collaborate with corporate innovators and the academic community to accelerate their commercial success. 

Ventureprise Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 corporation, governed by an independent board of directors, and funded by UNC Charlotte and client fees.